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Vitu Fleet

Registration compliance for your fleet.

Vitu Fleet services your fleet of vehicle regardless of size

Vitu Fleet is the solution for renewing your fleet of trucks, vans and automobiles

Register, track renewals and more for your entire fleet of vehicles

See what Vitu can do for you

Your fleet — titling, registration and renewals all in one place

With Vitu, there's an easy way to manage registration compliance for your fleet of vehicles.

Track renewal dates and automatically renew the registration for each and every vehicle in your fleet. When your company adds more vehicles, titling and registering them is quick and easy.

And our 24/7 support team is with you every step of the way.

Platform features

Renowned service and innovative technology allow your fleet of vehicles to maintain their registration compliance with ease

Easy to get started with Vitu Fleet
Easy to get started

From small to very large fleets, all we need is a list of your vehicles to get started.

Stay up to date with compliance and your fleet of vehicles
Stay up to date

Our team keeps you updated with all renewals and shipments via regularly scheduled notifications.

Personalized 24/7 support answers any of your questions
Personalized 24/7 support

By phone, chat or email, get registration compliance answers for any vehicles in your fleet.

Trust the experts

Vitu Fleet is built to unburden your business with tracking down registration renewal dates and lost mail

Renewal magic

We track registration renewal dates and automatically renew your fleet vehicles.

Indicia when you need it

Get replacement plates, stickers and registration cards — fast.

A fleet of trucks

Get started with Vitu Fleet today.

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The Vitu Platform — Digital Title and Reg in one place

Vitu has successfully completed the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 Type II audit, demonstrating its effective
protection of confidential client data.

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