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Say hello to your new EVR partner.

Electronic. Quick. Secure. Vitu ushers in a new era of Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) processing.

Incredibly efficient

DMS integration means no more re-keying of deal info.

Full transparency

Instantly know a vehicle’s status in the title and registration process with easy-to-read badges.

Unrivaled service

Ask us questions and actually receive answers, with 24/7 support.


All of Vitu’s tools are made for a streamlined title and registration process. From auto-population of vehicle info to an easy-to-use interface, convenience is within reach.

  • Print deal information onto title and registration documents
  • Ability to print, scan and upload documents for submission to the county
  • Save time from re-keying vehicle and owner info with DMS integration
  • Automatically populate trade-in vehicle information
  • Instantly view vehicles’ statuses with easy-to-read badges
  • Multiple locations at your fingertips, all in one place
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We are here for you with Texas-based experts.

Enjoy the highest level of customer service.

24/7/365 customer support

Personalized 24/7 support

By phone, chat or email, get answers for any of your Vitu and title and registration compliance questions.

Smooth, hands-on transition

Smooth, hands-on transition

Switching to Vitu is easier than you think. Account Executives guide you through the transition process, step by step.

Field Services Representatives check in

Account Executives

Your Account Executive regularly checks in with you to see how you’re doing and help your dealership continually improve efficiency.

Vitu Interstate is built right into Vitu.

If you use Vitu, try out Interstate today.

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