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OLRP processing backed by stellar service.

TitleNGo is now Vitu!


Electronic. Quick. Secure. Vitu’s Online Registration Program (OLRP) processing is second to none.

All transaction types

Offer your customers all available OLRP services.

Full transparency

Overlook a transaction’s status or your business from a bird’s-eye view with our robust reports.

Unrivaled service

Ask our local experts questions and actually receive answers.

Supported OLRP Transactions.

We are focused on giving you access to all the functionality PennDOT has made available in an easy-to-use package.

PennDOT Conversations

Vitu supports all conversations provided by the PennDOT GateKeeper.


Title only, Title and Tag, Existing PA Title, Out-of-state Title, MSO, Reconstructed Title, Dealer Title, Wholesale work. It’s all there.


Change owner name and address or lessee. Change owner name within tanking period with no PennDOT fees.


Add (ELT only), update or delete a lien.


Transfer tag and issue vehicle registration.


Reissue registration card, license plate or weight decal.


Issue Renewals.


In-transit Tags.

Paid Lookups

Basic Abstract or Encumbrance Abstract.

Unpaid Lookups

With optional generation of the MV-753 form for customer signature.

Special Features

Did your customer forget a document or needed to run to the ATM? Simply suspend the deal and resume it when they come back. Everything you entered will be there. With instant messages, we can communicate with you in seconds. Maybe there are issues in the Commonwealth’s network or maybe another state’s NMVTIS system is down? When we know, you know.

PennDOT Forms

Vitu generates the MV-3, MV-9, MV-13ST, MV-41, MV-41B, MV-44, MV-140 and MV-752, as needed. We’ll take the deal information and automatically populate the form for you. Nice and neat. Fast, too! Just get your customer to sign and then get on with the deal.

Web Reports

Generate reports at home or at work 24 hours a day from any web browser (subject to your level of security, of course.)

Quality Control

We review your paperwork before we send it to PennDOT. If we find errors, we notify you. You hear from us, not PennDOT.

Simple Contract

OK, it’s a contract. But we worked with our lawyers to get it written in plain and simple English. You’ll be able to easily understand it. There are no surprise clauses after signing it — just like our OLM contract.

Vitu Pennsylvania OLRP screenshot


Participating in OLRP allows you to electronically process even more vehicle title and registration transactions. With OLRP, your OLM office becomes the one-stop shop for everything PennDOT and vehicle-related.

OLRP services for your customers:

  • Title and registration
  • Vehicle renewal
  • Change owner or change/delete/add lessee
  • Transfer registration
  • Return transactions to dealers only
  • Electronic tracking system for in-transit tags
  • And more


In addition to streamlined OLRP processing, Vitu’s application offers features that let your business function with greater efficiency and ease.

Take advantage of:

  • Store reports
  • Time clock
  • Invoicing
  • Charging and tracking credit card surcharges
  • Return transactions to dealers only
  • Offline transactions

Some of our add-on features will surely save you even more time. Ask us about:

Vitu Pennsylvania ODMS screenshot

Convenient and secure Online Document Management System.

Vitu offers an Online Document Management System (ODMS) to securely access copies of deals electronically with just a few clicks.

Forget storing papers in files and cabinets lining the dealership walls. Submit your paperwork to us, and we’ll automatically store your scanned paperwork in your dealer’s repository. Whenever you need them, find your deals again 24/7 from any computer or web browser.

Organize and digitize

Other than saving space, why should you use our ODMS? Not only does it perfectly accompany our OLRP software, but the ODMS also allows you to quickly view or print your stored documents from their electronic form. Ever hoped you could use the Find tool in real life? In ODMS, you can search deals by WID, VIN Record, Tag or Title number. For your benefit, the ODMS has the capacity to support your multiple locations.

Without question, we maintain the utmost security on your stored transactions. In accordance with PennDOT regulations, we retain your electronic documents for three years, and you only have to retain physical documents on site for six months.

Vitu Pennsylvania ODMS screenshot
Vitu Pennsylvania ODMS screenshot

Notary entries recorded electronically.

For those of you that offer notary services for your customers, Vitu’s Electronic Notary Journal keeps track of your every entry.

  • Easy and convenient access
  • Both online and offline transactions can be recorded
  • Messwin transfers the information into the Notary Journal
  • Entries include the date, time and address
Vitu Pennsylvania Notary Journal Entry screenshot

We are here for you with Pennsylvania-based experts.

Enjoy the highest level of customer service with local experts based in Harrisburg.

Personalized Support

Personalized support

Call us and get answers for software, OLRP compliance, auditing and more.

Smooth, hands-on transition

Smooth, hands-on transition

Our Implementation Coordinator will guide you through the setup process, step by step.

Auditing for your transactions

Eyes on your transactions

Auditors work with you to minimize errors.

dive deeper into vitu Pennsylvania.

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