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Submit and release vehicle liens with ease.

Bridge the gap between member service and liability.

Vitu is the quick and efficient full-service platform offering secure vehicle lien releases with unprecedented ease.

Increasing visibility from day one

Vitu is easy to use and designed around your needs with electronic vehicle lien releases allowing for a smooth and fast process.

Support at every turn

Vitu provides the industry expertise, support and training you need so you can focus on serving your members.

Defend against fraud

Vitu gives you the tools necessary to identify fraud and view vehicle liens secured in your name.

Platform features

Vitu builds workflows around you and your credit union. With Vitu, you have everything you need to fast-track your vehicle lien release work right at your fingertips from day one. Color-coded badges let you view the status of a given release at a glance — all with confirmation from MVD’s system.

We are here for you with Montana-based experts.

Enjoy the highest level of customer service with local experts based in Helena.

24/7/365 customer support

Personalized 24/7 support

By phone, chat or email, get answers to any MVD or vehicle lien release questions.

Smooth, hands-on transition

Smooth, hands-on transition

Account Executives guide you in using Vitu, step by step, and it only takes a few minutes.

Straightforward workflows

Straightforward workflows

We provide the workflows and features that fit your needs.

Dive deeper into Vitu lending.

Montana Vitu Lending Sales Kit

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