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Discover what Vitu in Minnesota means for you.

Transform your title & reg process.

Electronic. Quick. Secure. Electronic Vehicle Title & Registration (EVTR) processing makes your life easy.

Seamless title and registration processing

With Vitu, all the tools you need for a streamlined title and registration process are within reach — from an easy-to-use interface designed around your workflows to quick retrieval of vehicle inquiries. Take advantage of minimal data entry on registration forms with accurate fee calculations.

Immediate benefits:

  • Accurately calculate fees
  • Titles and lien cards are sent out quicker than ever
  • Automatically populate a used vehicle’s previous title and lien information
  • Maintain existing Deputy Registrar relationships
  • Multiple locations at your fingertips, all in one place
  • Comprehensive reports for your various business needs
Vitu Minnesota screenshot

Plate and sticker inventory done right.

Vitu simplifies your inventory management with incredibly easy access in one place.

  • Quickly view all inventory and sort by allocation, type and status
  • Manage multiple locations and inventory types
  • Easily assign and reassign inventory
  • Enjoy a simple order and return inventory process
  • Report plates or stickers missing or damaged in one click

Assign and validate on-site inventory in real time

Validate inventory before assigning to customers

Upload scanned documents to the Deputy Registrar.

Want to give the Deputy Registrar a head start on your deal? Upload and submit your scanned title and registration documents in Vitu. This gives the DR an opportunity to pre-audit the deal before you physically mail paperwork. Click. Add. Done.

Upload scans to the Deputy Registrar

We are here for you with Minnesota-based experts.

Enjoy the highest level of customer service with local experts.

24/7/365 customer support

Personalized 24/7 support

By phone, chat or email, get answers for software, title and registration compliance, auditing and more.

Smooth, hands-on transition

Smooth, hands-on transition

Account Executives guide you through the transition process, step by step.

Ongoing training

Ongoing training

Your FSR regularly checks in with you to continually improve efficiency and see how you’re doing.

Integration with your dealership's DMS.

A seamless connection to your dealership’s DMS is key to a smooth sales process and title and registration workflow. Leave it to Vitu’s integration experts to work with you to connect to the DMS at your dealership. When you switch to Vitu, a pre-installation and technical review ensures everything is set up and working well ahead of time.

We've got you covered.

Absolutely amazing

"Our office has been thrilled with the EVTR process so far. Many of our other dealers are considering EVTR, and we encourage it for many reasons, like the training and set up Vitu provides. In addition, we love the continued support from Vitu as as we all learn the EVTR process together."

Kristy Beaucage, General Manager at / President of

Quick-Serv License Center / DRBOA

Awesome and attentive team

"Vitu an excellent resource to help provide expedited plates right away at the time of the sales. Titling has become sort of an issue for the past 6 months and Vitu has really helped streamline that process. The customers are happy leaving same day with plates.

The team is absolutely amazing. They always make themselves available and seem to have an answer for everything. The few times they don't (LOL), they know exactly who to call and provide updates and make sure to keep in contact. It's very much appreciated. The team also did a great job getting everyone set up and working with us to make sure we are fully trained in the program."

Markeya Burkepile, CORE Manager

Walser Toyota

Very impressed by the support

"We strongly recommend Vitu to any dealership considering using EVTR in Minnesota.

Vitu’s solution seems to have been created from a dealership point of view and our finance managers, license and title clerks and myself have appreciated the ease of use and well-thought-out workflow. We have also been very impressed with the support of their team from training our users, to answering our questions and to listening to (and implementing) our requests for feature enhancements.

Vitu has been one of the most responsive and respectful vendors we have worked with. I feel comfortable approaching my MN Representatives with any issues, and it’s very refreshing to know we are supported by local experts."

Tara Bryson, CORE Manager

Walser Mazda

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