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Look out for number one

When you set up VituPay Dealer at your dealership, it’s the solution for all your payment needs. Whether it’s a customer purchasing an extended warranty for their vehicle, paying for a service visit or adding some sweet rims, VituPay Dealer handles it all. With DMS integration and a single, comprehensive admin portal, all payment processing and reporting is within reach — in one place.

VituPay Dealer Dashboard

Flex your flexibility.

VituPay Dealer offers your customers modern, convenient and easy payment options. They want to pay by credit card? No problem. Or they prefer to pay using their phone with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay? Easy. Serve your customers better, anywhere — at the counter, in line, in the field or even at home. VituPay Dealer handles all that with ease. 

Your dealership has never experienced this much flexibility with any payment provider. So, yeah, think of your CSI and give your customers more.

Judy, Cindy and Nidia from CaliforniaCody from CaliforniaAngelica and Tyler from CaliforniaJudy, Cindy and Nidia from California

Help when you need it.

We made getting answers to your questions as easy as possible within VituPay Dealer — just look for Help in the lower left. On this page, you’ll find two helpful online guides are available — Quick Reference and a User Guide — along with a link to the Support ticketing system and our phone number.

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