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RMP - Registration Management Professional

With you through every step.

Discover new ways to Learn.

If you had access to years of expert title and registration knowledge, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Our Registration Management Professional (RMP) training program is designed for you to tap into that knowledge base. All of our courses are developed to inform, engage and help you with all aspects of the title and registration process for both dealerships and credit unions. Our expert trainers have years of DMV experience and craft each course specifically with you in mind.

E-Learning courses

Learn at your own pace with informative online training courses.

In-depth webinars

Go deeper with follow-up webinars conducted by our expert trainers.

Resource Library

Reference handouts and brief videos for those quick questions you encounter daily.

Additionally, the full range of RMP course books are available for purchase.

E-Learning is here!

All of our RMP OnDemand courses feature in-depth content, voice-over narration and interactive activities that make your online learning informative and engaging.

Learn about our selection of online courses on our RMP website and sign up today.

don't miss out on our follow-up webinars.

Several of our online courses include follow-up webinars for a more personal, classroom experience.

When you sign up for OD 1, OD 2 and CU 1 OnDemand courses, you'll have the opportunity to take part in two follow-up webinars conducted by our expert trainers. Hosted online, these webinars are the perfect way for you to review what you learned from the eLearning course and ask specific questions.

Other webinars are available on request. Visit our website's webinar page to view all of the different options.

The RMP library is in your hands.

Are you missing our latest RMP book updates? What about those handy Reference Cards? All the title & reg resources you need are within your reach.

While some of our online OnDemand courses include digital book copies, all our RMP books have been updated for 2021 and are available for purchase. Whether you prefer the convenience of a digital book or the tangible feel of a physical one, we offer both. Just look for the Bookstore button on the RMP website.

Our 2021 Reference Card and some helpful videos are also available for free, click here.

How are we doing?

Ninety-two percent of responses say attending RMP courses help them in their current roles.

Ninety-eight percent of responses say they would recommend RMP courses to others.

Results based on our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey of RMP attendees.

Visit the RMP website for the latest information.

RMP website