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Solutions we offer in California.


Electronic title & reg solution

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Digital signatures

Completely digital vehicle sales

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VituPay Dealer

Modern payments with renowned service

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Vitu Interstate

National title & reg processing

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Vitu Driver

Online registration renewals for everyone

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Ongoing training for the vehicle industry

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Get to know us a little better. meet the team behind our software.

Matt - VP & General Manager California Operations


VP & General Manager California Operations

Judy - Audit Manager


Audit Manager

Shay - Customer Support Manager


Customer Support Manager

Shannon - VP Logistics


VP Logistics

Tre - Customer Support Supervisor


Customer Support Supervisor

Shanna - Special Processing Unit Manager


Special Processing Unit Manager

Kevin - Fulfillment Special Services Manager


Fulfillment Special Services Manager

Cory - Registration Support Supervisor


Registration Support Supervisor

Kim - Senior Manager


Senior Manager

Geneva - Senior Manager, Training and Development


Senior Manager, Training and Development

Local expert problem solvers are here for you

With offices in sunny California — in both Agoura Hills and Sacramento — our West Coast team works hard to make life easier for our partners 24/7. Whether it's answering your questions, auditing your deals to ensure processing is seamless, or quickly and efficiently getting tags and plates out to your customers, the Golden State crew is here for you.

Our team of experts is friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand
Shay - Customer SupportDaisy - Audit Support SupervisorKim, Victor and Jasmin - Forms and FeesRMPJames - Warehouse Fulfillment ClerkTomas - Shipping CoordinatorJudy, Angelica and Tyler - Audit, CorrectionsSacramento team Deb - Resolution Specialist Izz - Registration Processing TechnicianJudy, Cindy and Nidia from California
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