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Skip the DMV and renew your vehicle today.

What does Vitu Driver do
for you?

Ever find that renewing your vehicle registration can be a pain? You lose the mailed notice, forget the renewal date or realize you are tight on funds? Vitu Driver is here to help — with one or many vehicles.

Simplified California vehicle renewals

Vehicle renewals simplified

Take care of renewal fees and fines immediately or with monthly payments — you are in control.

Desktop alerts
Mobile alerts

Keep up with alerts & violations

With any of your vehicles, we'll let you know "what's up."

Digital Registration Cards (coming soon)

Digital registration cards
(coming soon)

Conveniently save registration cards to your cell phone.

Renew your vehicles — all in one place.

Vitu Driver takes the worry and hassle out of renewing any vehicle for you and your family. With everything in one place, you make the call when it comes to payments. Spread registration renewal fees out monthly or choose a one-time annual payment. Driver automatically takes care of the rest.

All vehicle types — we’ve got you covered.

We know you may have more vehicles than your automobile. Perhaps you have a motorcycle, a boat or a jet ski. Maybe you have a small fleet for your small business. At Vitu Driver, we handle it all with the same ease of use, convenience and payment options.

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Renew California Commercial Vehicles


Renew California Motorcycles


Renew California Trailers


Renew California Vessels/Boats


Renew California ATVs and Powersports


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