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You want paperless. We got it.

Digital Signatures are here

Wait, what? Digital signatures — on DMV documents? Yes, we mean exactly that. Digital Signatures in DMVdesk fulfills the promise of digitally signing forms, even those with an odometer disclosure.

You already use DMVdesk to generate pre-populated title and registration forms at the time of sale: Temp Tags, Reports of Sale, transfer and reassignment forms and more. Right now, you print these out and both you as dealer and the customer physically sign them.

Digital Signatures in DMVdesk is the new way to complete the title and registration documents. All of the above still applies — except now you can move beyond physical printing and signing of the forms.

Digitally Sign a Document

Bye-bye paper and pen.

A new digital age has arrived.

We ushered in an era of electronic title and registration when we started Vitu. Now we’re pushing the envelope and offering digital signatures for DMV documents.

That’s right, your client doesn’t have to be at the dealership to sign for their new car.

Finalize your vehicle sales with digital signatures — safely and securely. Say bye-bye to paper and pen and hello to convenience. We promise you, you won’t even miss them.

Convenient. Secure. Effortless.

As easy as 1-2-3

From the ground up, the Digital Signature workflow in DMVdesk was built to make your and your buyer’s lives as easy as possible.

Prepare the deal as normal within DMVdesk
You, as the dealer, digitally sign the title and registration documents first, and then your buyer signs
That’s it!

Trust us. Both you and your customers will love it — not only is it easy, but it’s also fun!

dive deeper into digital signatures.

Vitu Authority Trust Digital Signatures in DMVdesk

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