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50-state fees, forms, checklists and title and reg in your own apps.

What is 50-state title and registration?

Think about all that happens when vehicles are sold. You need:

  • Fee estimates — how much will title and registration cost
  • Checklists — the documents needed
  • State forms — the actual state forms that are submitted
  • Let someone just “handle” it — Vitu is here to get the vehicle titled and registered

Beyond the purchase price of a vehicle, titling and registering a vehicle incurs fees that vary wildly across the nation. Vitu calculates fee estimates for vehicles across the nation — no matter where the buyer resides. And of course, along with fees, a wide variety of forms need to be filled out and submitted to the appropriate jurisdiction. Vitu generates the appropriate forms needed for a complete title and registration process, pre-filled and ready to sign. From there, many options are available for finalizing the deal, but Vitu offers a full service solution — essentially, let us do the hard work for you as we work with jurisdictions to process the paperwork and get plates and indicia to your buyer.

How does it work?

As a developer and integrator, you are looking at all of the features listed above and saying, “Let me at it!” Well, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Fee estimates

You want just the fee estimates? Call the Fees API. With a simple call including basic information about the vehicle, the buyer and the selling and destination states, a detailed fee estimate is returned.

National API Fee Estimates

Sample of a returned fee estimate breakdown.

Document checklists

Titling and registering a vehicle always requires specific paperwork — either state forms or ancillary items such as a driver license or proof of insurance, to name a few. With a call to the Checklist API, all of those required items on a single, easy-to-read checklist are within reach.

National API Document Checklist

Sample of a returned checklist.

Ready-to-sign state forms

Vitu’s National API delivers pre-populated state forms with all of the information about the vehicle, buyer and the selling and destination states. With just one API call, receive all the necessary forms needed — ready to sign.

National API Pre-populated forms

Sample of a returned pre-populated state form.

Full service titling and registration is an API call away

Let Vitu handle the titling and registration. The same level of service and support our dealership partners receive with Vitu Interstate is available through an API. With robust support for submitting and receiving scans, status updates and communication abilities, it’s a no-brainer for offering your buyers that ultimate level of service.

Get started today.

With Vitu’s National API, the power of national titling and registration is now in your hands. As a developer, get started today by visiting our developer site.

Vitu Developer site

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