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Digital Titling — from anywhere across the nation.

What is Digital titling?

What if there were a single repository for digital vehicle titles?

Especially those that need to be put in your dealership’s or organization’s name when taken into inventory? With Digital Titling, a single API call places that vehicle title in your name securely, reducing liability and risk. Using Vitu’s Digital Titling API allows your company to title acquired vehicles in your name, in any state, quickly and efficiently.

How does it work?

Vitu’s Digital Titling API offers your business the ability to title a vehicle in your company’s name — digitally — from any state in the nation.

And the process is relatively simple: submit the titling request along with scanned copies of the required documents, and within a short period of time, the vehicle is titled in your company’s name. It’s practically that easy.

What should I expect?

It all begins with the vehicle you acquired, whom you bought it from and where the vehicle is located. You already have that information and most likely, have the current title in your possession as well.

  • Submit your request with the vehicle and buyer information
  • Upload scanned paperwork
  • When approved, the vehicle is in your company's name

Using Vitu’s Digital Titling  allows your company to title acquired vehicles in your name quickly and efficiently. You’ll discover that integrating this digital titling technology into your new or existing applications is straightforward and relatively easy.

Get started today.

With Vitu’s Digital Titling, the power of titling vehicles from across all 50 states is now in your hands. As a developer, get started today by visiting our developer site.

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